Social Media for Small Businesses

Why Social Media is a MUST for Small Businesses in 2015

A small business owner may ask, why social media is a must for small businesses in 2015. Here at NuszBuzz we feel there are several vital reasons that small businesses owners should be engaging in social media in 2015 and beyond.

First and foremost, social media is just that – ’Be Social!’ It’s about branding your business and engaging your customers in a conversation about who you are and what are your products and services.

A small business owner should take 15 minutes at the start of the day and 15-30 minutes towards the end of the day to engage in social media and check to get a pulse on how they are doing. Too many small mom and pops don’t have the time so they just throw it up against the wall and do a little of everything with no specific plan of action.

How is Your Social Media for Small Businesses Doing?

How would you know? First make sure you have a google account. Then make sure you have alerts set up so that you get an email immediately when someone on the internet mentions your business. That way if its good then you can engage with that customer and thank them for the feedback and make them an offer of something to really WOW them over. If it’s bad then you can jump on the problem immediately and resolve the situation by making it a win-win for everyone. Make them a fan for life!



Second, make a social media marketing plan for 2015. If you’re starting out, either hire someone like NuszBuzz Enterprises, LLC for your social media management so that you don’t have to worry about it. Or, start small and build. Take one social media platform and become an expert at it. Learn it inside and out. Maybe the first month you learn Twitter and the second month FaceBook. The third month learn Instagram and the fourth month Google+ for businesses, and so on. If your going with option number two, I’d recommend you do it in that order.
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Spending Will Continue to Grow in 2015

Both FaceBook and Twitter began testing a buy button in 2014 and you can expect both to drive consumer spending in a big way. A big advantage for social media for small businesses is the ability to attach real revenue metrics to social media messages. And, according to a Miami Herald article, a Harris Interactive Poll conducted earlier this year, 68% of millennials were at least somewhat likely to purchase after seeing a friend’s post about a product or service. And, new social media marketing platforms are popping up all the time. Some with less perceived problems including privacy and advertising issues. Will they be around for the long haul? Time will tell. Will FaceBook and Twitter fall to the likes of MySpace, or will they continue to thrive?

Social Media

Social Media

Social Media Management Will Need to Include Advertising on FaceBook and Twitter This Year

It will be vital that your social media marketing plan include a mixture of advertising on social media platforms to survive and compete with the “Big Boys!” If the small business owner isn’t now they MUST consider it in 2015. No one is using that big yellow book that weighs a ton anymore. So, inbound marketing is the best way to go. Get your potential clients to come to you. How? Social media marketing. Done right the small businesses out there could be big winners.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Image Based Social Media Marketing Will Influence Buying Habits More Than Ever in 2015

This is the main reason I put Instagram in the third spot earlier. There are over 200 million users on Instagram now and growing every day. Millennials more than ever are moving towards Instagram and less into FaceBook and Twitter. Or so says my millennial children. So, get a move on…

Content Continues to Be King

One of the biggest things we believe in here at NuszBuzz is content creation. This is a service we provide as many small business owners don’t have the time or the proper know how to correctly create good content, to get listed on google’s local front page. We do that! This is the best way to tell the world what your business philosophy is, what your company vision is, what your products and services are, just to name a few. But, this not only requires work but lots of time. And, we believe you should be taking that time to develop your team and your customer base. Because at the end of the day if you’re not taking care of your internal customers (your employees) and your external customers (the ones that allow you and your team to eat by buying your products and services) you’re not going to survive. PERIOD!

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