Do You Know What Your Biggest Assets Are as a Small Business Owner?

Protecting Your Income and Protecting Your Business Overhead Expenses
Insure your Assets

As a Small Business Owner, What Will Happen if Something Happens to You?

Protect Your Hard Work. Protect YOUR BUSINESS!
Independent Life and Health Insurance Miami Agent John Nusz

How Do Small Businesses Protect Their Business?

NuszBuzz Enterprises, LLC President John Nusz is a Licensed Independent Life and Health Insurance agent in the state of Florida. He firmly believes that small businesses MUST protect their income they take home with a Disability policy, while protecting their business with a Business Overhead Expense policy.

This way the income you take home from your business that you live on is protected and the business that you’ve worked so hard to build is protected, in the event something happens to you, the small business owner! The information below is from the US Census website!


Approximately 56.7 million people living in the United States had some kind of disability in 2010.

 About 12.6 percent or 38.3 million people had a severe disability.

 The risk of having a disability increased with successively older age groups. Meaning as you age your risk is increased!

Among 16- to 64-year-olds with severe disability, 55.5% reported that their disability prevented them from working.

9 Reasons Why To Choose an Independent Insurance Agent

The Independent Agent isn’t worried about the companies bottom line, as they work with many different companies to get you the best rate with the best company for your needs.

If rates go up with the company your with, an independent agent can shop for a better price insuring you have the best rates and the best company now and in the future.

Independent agents work with a select group of insurance companies. This means YOU don’t have to worry about researching what is available because your agent does all the work for you. An independent agents knowledge is your power.

How much easier would it be to only have to go to one professional to do all of your shopping? With an independent life and health insurance agent, you save time and money.

Independent insurance agents work for you first and the insurance company second. Because they can choose the right company with the right product for your specific needs.

Independent agents work with you to determine your specific needs and can often tailor policies and riders for you – no matter how complex your circumstances may be.

An independent agent will provide you with insight on reducing risk. This insight may include suggestions to increase deductibles or to exclude seldom used coverage. These small details could save you lots of money.

Independent agents are there for you to guide you through the sometimes frustrating process of filing a claim. Sometimes big companies are hard to reach, I personally give my cell phone number to my clients, so if there is ever anything they need help with I’m there for them, ever step of the way.

My biggest asset, I believe, is that I am available to assist at a moments notice. An independent insurance agents livelihood is based on customer referrals and renewals, exceptional customer service is of the utmost importance to the independent insurance agent.

What is an Independent Insurance Agent?

Unlike “captive” agents who work only for one specific insurance company, an independent agent chooses to work with many insurance companies. Because of the wider range of products, an independent agent can find the best prices from the best companies. Independent Insurance Agent John Nusz ONLY works with A rated Companies. I guarantee it!

Some of the Companies That John Represents

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