Income Tax

Individual Income Tax Services by NuszBuzz

Individual income tax services by NuszBuzz offers an individual, personalized service starting at $50. Now you can’t beat that with a stick. NuszBuzz uses Quickbooks Pro for their bookkeeping service for small businesses year round. They also use Turbo Tax for their clients year-end tax services. For questions email us and we will answer whatever questions you may have.

Federal Income Tax

Federal Income Tax

Tax Refund Without Overpaying

Why should anyone get their tax refund by overpaying? Tax preparation for individuals and small businesses shouldn’t have to overpay just to get the tax refund they are due. Check around, you won’t find anyone with starting prices for individual tax services for $50. Filing your federal income tax jointly with pricing starting at $75. NuszBuzz believes that you should get your tax return filed without having to spend an arm and a leg.

Why Have NuszBuzz Do Your Federal Income Tax Preparation

At NuszBuzz there are tax services for individuals and small businesses. So, don’t overpay by having one of those outfits that have to pay for big offices and employees along with all their other costs. Who do you think pays for that? Yep! You got it! YOU, the customer!

NuszBuzz prides itself on giving world-class service! No matter if you’re a single person filing for your tax refund or a small company looking for tax services that is affordable. NuszBuzz gives quality tax services for your federal income tax at years end or during the entire year. As NuszBuzz offers small businesses bookkeeping services year-round.

NuszBuzz founder John Nusz has been doing his own personal taxes for over 30 years and have done corporate year end tax services for his own business for over 10 years and since founding NuszBuzz has tax business clients totaling in excess of $10 million in revenue. So, count on the one you can trust with your tax preparation, #NuszBuzz!

Tax Refund

Tax Refund

Get Your Tax Return Faster

There are many variables associated with the timing of getting your federal income tax return faster. Some of them are:

  1. Getting your tax refund faster depends on getting your W-2’s from your employer or previous employer where you worked during that specific tax year.
  2. Either doing or having your tax preparation done by someone or company that knows what they are doing.
  3. Your choice of filing options for your tax return. When you print your federal income tax, sign and mail them it is substantially longer than electronically filing your income tax.
  4. Tax preparation timeliness is key. If you file for your tax refund in February, chances are you’ll get your tax refund check much quicker than if you filed your tax return on April 15th.

If You’re Going To Do Them Yourself Here Is Where You Start

If your game to do your taxes yourself then you must have the best software possible. And, in our humble opinion that’s Turbotax. There are many different versions. So, don’t over pay by purchasing the wrong edition. Here are our recommendations:

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