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5 Reasons Small Businesses Need Social Media Marketing

There are 5 reasons small businesses need social media marketing as we here at NuszBuzz see it. Social media management is essential in the success of a small companies successes, even if they know nothing about what it means.

You’ll hear about a marketing strategy and a business plan. Well, marketing strategy should be a big part of a small businesses business plan. One shouldn’t even start a business no matter how much money you have unless you have a business plan and a mission statement. Otherwise, how will you know which street to go down, or when you’ve obtained success?

Social Media Assists in Creating a Web Presence

One of the main reasons a small business should have a social media plan is to create a web presence so that they can be found. This starts with an informative website that has a blog page. There are many publications out as to why small businesses should be blogging.

But, when you boil it all down at the end of the day, is that the blog tells the story of the business, its products and services, and social media helps spread the word. This brings credibility to having a web presence by the quality of the content on their blog. Look around, why do you think the big boys have blogs? Blogs and social media go hand in hand and allows the small guy to compete with the big boys.

Social Media Management Helps with Branding a Small Business

When managing your social media channels you have to have a very specific and focused message. Otherwise, you’re throwing poop on the walls and hoping something sticks and goes viral. Sorry, ain’t happening. To brand your small business you need to know what is it you’re shooting for. If you don’t know how, how do you expect your customers to get it.

If you’re managing your social media correctly, you’re going one-step at a time and doing it consistently and very well. Remember at the bare bones, social media is a conversation between a business and it’s customers or potential customers.

Example: This past Friday here in Miami, Tiger Direct sponsored the second annual #TigerTechBash at Marlins Stadium. When I first saw it’s advertisement that said it was free, I put it on my calendar and forgot about it. The day before I saw the full page ad in the Miami Herald newspaper, that said it’s free go to this website and get your tickets. So, I went to the site to get FREE tickets. Guess what? It stated that tickets were sold out and that same day tickets were $10 plus $10 parking. The next day (Day of the event) it was right there again on a full page ad – FREE admission, go to this website and get your free tickets. Went to the website and again I was met with the unbelievable statement that there were no tickets. YES, I was pissed. I tweeted and Facebooked the pic of the full page ad with my dissatisfaction 4 times that day. With the hashtag and all. Did I get a response? NO! So, what kind of tech was this where there weren’t even tuned into twitter for feedback. I went by and there wasn’t hardly anyone there, I did not go in, as the principal of the matter turned me off. This is an example of being close to your social channels, so that you can respond when someone puts something out there that is negative about your company. They did a horrible job of branding this event and #TigerDirect had it’s name on it. Think I’m a fan of Tiger Direct?



Social Media Management Helps with Branding a Small Business

Remembering that social media is all about being social, it’s important for the small business owner to understand the importance of social media and their business. People aren’t using that one hundred pound yellow book anymore. There going to their apps or simply googling to find what they are looking for. So, it is vital to get on the first or second page of google local. It is very obtainable to get ranked on the first page of google local for their niche, if they understand the importance of content creation and social media to send out that content.

The good folks at NuszBuzz can do that for you. They are set up to take care of all your needs. Starting with a website, then listing your business on all the important search engines and bookmarking sites. Followed by listing your small business on social media channels that will help you spread the good word about your business and what you have to offer.

5 Reasons Small Businesses Need Social Media Marketing

5 Reasons Small Businesses Need Social Media Marketing

Proper Social Media Management Helps Increase Small Businesses Revenue

Properly done, social media will increase your revenue and give you a much better ROI on your marketing budget. You, the small business person can do all of this yourself. It took NuszBuzz owner John Nusz over 10 years of working through the ups and downs of social media. He built his previous business Miami Tux to be a leader in the formalwear business in Miami by constantly ranking on the first page of google in the 2-4 organic slots. Why do you think he has almost 10k twitter followers? He also holds a Certificate of Achievement in Advanced Social Media from the University of San Francisco.

So, if you’re looking to add revenue and you do not have a presence on the web or in the arena that is social media, give NuszBuzz a call 305-746-0402, and don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. It could be costing you lots. $$$$$

Understanding the Difference Between Omni-Channel and Multi-Channel

To put this as simple as possible;

  1. Omni-Channel Marketing means that a company has multi channels (ie, twitter – facebook, ect..) with all the same message, so if you interact with them on Social Media, or send them an email, or call their customer service department, you’ll get that same seamless message. All of their data is enter-related, meaning their sales force on the streets, their call center and their social media and marketing teams have all the same data.
  2. Multi-Channel Marketing is where they have many different channels that may be doing different things, and handle things differently. And, the message may not be the same.

Alex Timlin – Sales Director, New Markets at Emarsys says it best in his article, “OMNI-CHANNEL VERSUS MULTI-CHANNEL MARKETING,”

when he states, our most successful clients use multi-channel marketing solutions to create an omni-channel experience for their customers, ensuring they remain at the heart of all personalized communication

There is also a great image that very clearly shows the difference so check it out. And, with many thanks to Emarsys and Mister Alex Timlin on a well written piece on the subject.

So, as a small business, if you can get to the customer at the exact same time there is a problem you can win a customer for life.

A perfect example:
Last night after going to a jazz concert with friends we stopped at the TGI Fridays on S. Dixie Hwy in Miami, Fl. by the UM Campus in Coral Gables and I ordered a Black Bean Burger with sweet potato fries. The burger was great but the fries were cold. When I brought it to the attention of the waiter, who was short and rude from the beginning, said “I don’t work in the kitchen.” REALLY! Not, I’m sorry sir, let me get you some hot fries, nothing. Just I don’t work in the kitchen. We were with friends otherwise I would have asked to speak with the manager. When he brought the check, he matter of fact said, sorry for the cold fries, it’s crazy all over the restaurant. Well, that’s the last time I’ll ever go there.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

I got home and found out that TGI Fridays has a twitter account so I sent them a tweet of my disheartening experience. And, finally I received a tweet back from them asking for me to DM my personal info so that their customer service can contact me. So, they are acting proactively to a situation. This is a perfect example of the big boys doing their job. A small business MUST be able to play on the same playing field and therefor can do exactly as TGI Fridays have done in this situation.

This is why small businesses need to in-house or hire someone to assist in their Social Media Management if they are going to make a difference in their business.

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